Every year my mother and I delight in staying up late baking delicious Christmas treats…or the lead up to Christmas at least ;p

This year we made cute-as-a-button chocolate spiders, as always, but we also had a crack at something new. As mum had picked up some cute and kitsch Christmas-themed patty pans, we had to come up with a use for them, which is when I stumbled across these Christmas Cupcakes.

It’s a fantastic recipe and comes highly recommended from myself and my friends. The only thing I would say is that, like most recipes using mixed dried fruit, it could be a bit hard on young or older arms, folding the thick mixture thoroughly.

The thing that truly captivated me with this was the fun to be had with fondant! Kneading, rolling, dying and cutting it into perfect little rounds and leaves. The cupcakes were complete with delicate grooves etched ever so lightly on the leaves with just a touch of silver cake decorating paint and a red smartie for the holly– just magical!

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy this wonderful time celebrating with loved ones :)

*I also LOVE this idea – Christmas pud cupcakes made from upside-down cupcakes and some very clever styling! Definitely giving this a shot next year.

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