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Settle into The Nook

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What is The Nookbook?

Originally, The Nookbook was something very different. A little A4 size book, split up into different sections; The Nookbook was a place to store my ideas and create a style that is unique to me. Do you ever look in catalogs and select the things you like? Brutally culling the good from the bad? The Nookbook is a place to put together all of the great things you find; a lone table, cushion and perfect colour come together to create a space of your very own.

A Nook is a place where you feel at home and rejuvenated. To help me stay focused and realise the potential of my future home, I put together The Nookbook. Pictures, textures, colours and styles that I love, all stored together. I discovered that some of my friends had their very own Nookbooks, places to assemble their home dreams. All I have done is taken mine and put it on the Internet.

Here I will be discovering my very own style and sharing it with you. I will be selecting the things that I love and if they don’t exist I will be trying to make them myself! The great thing about this is that there is no right or wrong. It is just about making your own choices and daring to create. My mother’s style is not my own, and my style is probably not yours, but what a great way to play around and find out what is!

Keep an eye out for news of events and opportunities as I will be posting everything here. If you can’t make it out to something though I will be writing about it anyway so you won’t miss too much! Perhaps you could even start a Nookbook of your own? It really is quite fun and it doesn’t have to be perfect. Whatever works for you is exactly what you need.


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Welcome to The Nookbook

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About Me!

I have started this site, my very own little Nook, as a place to share the things that inspire me. When I was 9 years old I made my very first magazine. I wrote the articles and drew the pictures, it took me nearly a year, and simple though it looks to me now it was the start of a dream. Of course that was the days before the internet and desktop publishing, but still I feel the pull to be creative.

Why it had not occurred to me earlier to combine my journalistic interests with a personal hobby of mine I will never know. I put it down to growing up and slowly gaining confidence in my own choices. I graduated university into a world where I have to crawl before running and this space is one in which I can play with ideas and find out what makes me tick. This may be my little Nook but I think you will find it interesting and inspiring too.

In my professional career working with interiors, food, DIY and design, I have finally found a place where I feel at home.

Aside from any professional drives, I am also a young woman finding out other things about myself. Having just become engaged and moving out with my fiance I am learning how to surround myself with little pieces of my own style. I am using this space as a place to find my own style and to learn all there is to learn about making your very own Nook.

Thanks for joining me!


Thanks for reading The Nookbook.