Ok, so having been on holidays the past couple of weeks, I have stock-piled all sorts of interesting things from the festive season.

Before Christmas came Thanksgiving. Now, I am not American, but I grew up celebrating with my jolly American neighbours. They have since moved away, but a big group of us still celebrate Thanksgiving every year.

I look forward to seeing everyone again, but I also look forward to the amazing food! Everyone brings their signature dish meaning everything is cooked with love and you know what to look forward to for next year :D

Nothing beats pumpkin pie!

After Thanksgiving came Christmas. I have shown you how I made some gingerbread stars for my boyfriend’s family. The first batch of these burned terribly…what to do with burned gingerbread cookies? Make them into cute gift tags of course!

I just coated them with spray lacquer, let them dry, skewered holes to thread string through, painted them with bright red and green and decorated with glitter paint and Christmas themed confetti. Very Merry! They looked gorgeous with my simple Christmas gift-wrap.

On Christmas day there were a few beautiful things that I felt the need to capture. I was inspired to make this natural wreath from a feature in the Christmas issue of Inside Out magazine.

I used a metal coat-hanger pushed into a circle as a base. Then I wrapped two dry palm fronds around the edge, securing with thin wire and plaiting as I went. When the base was complete, I chose succulents, cumquats and bright flowers to dot along the wreath. Just gorgeous!

We decorated our table in a red and silver theme this year. I thought it looked too lovely not to capture. I was in charge of the drink this year, so rather than a plain old punch I made delicious sangria! I also put together a punch wreath. I layered thins of lemon, lime, orange, apple and glace cherry around a round bundt tin.

Then I poured in pineapple juice, brown sugar and water mix and froze it. Just before I served the punch I placed the bundt tin in a little bit of tepid water to free the frozen wreath from the tin. It kept our sangria nice and cold. Festive and functional!

Last but not least, just a little snapshot from the way I celebrated the New Year. The Whitsundays were simply stunning.

2011, you look good to me!

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