The final part of the ‘Living’ story? Brights! This is the neon of last year re-imagined. This trend seems to be all about injecting a bit of vitality in to your decor- in muted tones and pastels as well as neons.

The Family Love Tree filled out their enticing display with more of those fabulous peacock chairs and re-imagined lamp shades, bed heads and more. It would be a fantastic makeover to find a vintage piece of cane furniture and spray paint it a vibrant tone- but for those who don’t have the time this is where you would go to find what you’re after!


The displays inside the expo were so captivating.


More of the hanging moss balls (seen in the Natural trend report above) by Thinkers & Makers Society.


Lightly is stylish but incredibly playful- a mix that is hard to get right but I feel you can see the balance achieved perfectly with the shot below- great styling skills!


The Design Farm creates these beautiful candle votives. They caught my eye straight away, and at first look seemed quite simple, but once I picked one up and turned it in my hands like a giant precious stone, I realised that simplicity was actually quite sophisticated! My favourite would be the stout, chunky orange votive second from the front- gorgeous!


The team at Rawspace produce yet another captivating and joyful piece (more in the Animal trend report). I am constantly dreaming of New York (well- it has stolen some of my best friends you know?!) and would love to add this piece to my home to feel at least one step closer to that crazy city.


This geometric print baby onesie from Master and Miss could make even the most stylish lady clucky!


Last but not least- MY gorgeous Sterling & Hyde orange Robin handbag. I saw this the minute I walked in to the show and couldn’t stop thinking of it until the day I left- handing over my cash in exchange for the joy of toting this on my arm every day! It fits my beloved iPad in it like a dream and is so well made- I could not be more chuffed. Add that the friendly face of one Bec Jamison-Jones and the lovely chats we had- and this was the best buying experience I’ve had all year!


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